Monday, April 23, 2007

Creative Financing - Right Choice For Home Or Land Byers?

Is the eBook on the "Right Choice For Home Or Land Byers"?

The purpose of the Creative Financing Secrets ebook is to instruct and inform those who are seeking financing for home loans or for the purchase of land in creative ways to secure the financing that they need.

Pros: David Leach certainly knows what he’s talking about in his Creative Financing Secrets ebook! He should. He’s been a real estate investor, mortgage consultant and creative financing expert since the late 1980s. That knowledge and experience shines through in his Creative Financing Secrets ebook.

Mr. Leach shows people who have less-than-perfect credit or who are self-employed and unable to furnish earning records that meet most financial institution requirements how to buy that home that they dream of and do it without having to put any money down.

Mr. Leach says that the thing that frustrates him the most is that so many people who can certainly get a mortgage, as proven in his Creative Financing Secrets, are told by bankers and mortgage brokers that the dream is out of their reach.

Cons: There are no apparent cons for the Creative Financing Secrets ebook. It is filled with excellent information and there is a 100% money back guarantee included.

Guarantee: There is a risk-free, 30 day, 100% Money-back guarantee. If the consumer is not completely satisfied with the Creative Financing Secrets ebook, they can return it for a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days.

Value for money: Considering the free gifts that are offered with the Creative Financing Secrets ebook as well as the value of the information in the product, it is an excellent value.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Affordable Senior Housing - How to find one...

The US Government has a section 202 program implemented by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which aims to increase affordable senior housing to individuals aged 65 and above with very low income. If you or a loved one is looking for a retirement home that will fit a tight budget, section 202 housing is your best affordable senior housing option.

Section 202 housing is run by a private, non-profit organization. They get their funds from the HUD and from residents’ fees, which are calculated based on individual income. Aside from affordable senior housing, these facilities offer support services to senior such as housekeeping, transportation, preparing meals, and others.

The website of the Department of Housing and Urban Development has a listing of all section 202 housing facilities across the United States. Simply check the web site to find a home in your area or in the area where you want to reside. When you have your list ready, you can start calling each home or apartment to verify if they are still part of the Section 202 program and if they have a vacancy.

If the answer is yes, your next step is to visit the facility to see if it will suit you. While these homes are not luxurious, one can expect them to have all the basic accommodation, amenities and services to keep seniors comfortable and safe. It is important to take note of the fact that Section 202 housing is very popular and vacancies are hard to come by with the huge demand for affordable senior housing so it is not very wise to be choosy. If you find a vacancy, it is best to grab that rare opportunity because someone else will surely take it.

The truth is, you may have to contact several facilities before you can a vacancy so be prepared to do a lot of calling or visits. In this regard, it is recommended to have a relative or a friend to assist you in your search. Additionally, make sure to have your name added to the waiting list of all facilities without vacancies.

Once you have found a place, you may need to provide the following: a filled out application form from the Section 202 home/apartment; proof of your income such as a pay slip or Social Security statement; pharmacy or medical bills, your doctor’s statement indicating that you are independent; and references of previous landlords. You will need to prepare multiple copies of these documents if you are applying to several facilities.

If you want to learn more about affordable senior housing through the Section 202 program, you may speak with an HUD representative. There are many section 202 housing options in both large and small cities. Start your search as early as possible. Do not wait for your savings to run out. Be patient in your search and you will eventually find an affordable home.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Student Loans Company

When a college student needs to get a loan they will usually ask for information from their college’s financial office. From here they will be told about any student loans company they feel is of benefit to them. The many different loans companies that you will find are ones like Pell Grant, Stafford Loan, Perkins Loan and FAFSA to name a few.

From these various companies you will be able to receive different information about the loans. By looking at one student loans company at a time you will be able to see the many benefits and disadvantages you may face by applying for a student loan from such a company. As you will be using this student loans company for the entire period of your education at the college or university, it is best to take some time.

Hunt through the various student loans to find ones that will be suited for your education plans and living abilities. You should make enquires about what sort of conditions you will need to fulfill in order to qualify for a loan from a student loans company. Before you agree and sign any documents ask to have some time to consider the implications.

Once you have reached your home look these documents over carefully. You can if you feel more comfortable make a list of the advantages and bonuses you will get from this student loans company. In making this list you will see what these terms really mean to your education.

You should at this point also see about making a list of the disadvantages that are apparent in the student loans company. When you have finished this list try this procedure with the other loan information you have. At the end of this task you will know if you have any questions to ask. Also the many benefits which you will get from the student loans will be displayed.

One of the better routes that you can take to get the student loan that you want is to apply for the FAFSA loan form. This form will allow you to have the eligibility to receive student loans from a variety of loan agencies. The loan companies will look through the documents which have been provided to them by FAFSA. You will then be able to receive the loan confirmation you require.

With so many student loans to choose from you may feel uncertain of which one to take. The best way to select the right student loan company is to look for the various federal student loans that you can apply for. You will then have the way clear to choose which direction your education will go.

How To: College Financing

Going to college is a dream that many parents have for their children. This dream however is an expensive one. You will find that many colleges offer special deals for teenage students to encourage them to choose a particular college. As this is mostly the case when you are considering any type of college you may want to find out what the college financing is.

Knowing the details of the college financing will provide you with the information that you need. While this financing can help you during your college years you should realize that you will need to pay this money back. As this point is one that you will need to face it is best to be clear on all of the details that are contained in the college financing.

There are many different government and private institutions who will be able to furnish this information you require. You should make sure that you have read all of the information that is provided. Then you can talk with your school’s advisor or your family to find out how this college financing will affect you both during your college years and right after.

These matters will need clarification so that you can apply for the college financing your future college may need of you. You will find plenty of documents and applications that deal with this part of college life. To help you in finding your way through this maze the federal government has provided a helpful website. In this website you will find many useful links.

These links will let you see how to apply for the college financing loans. There is information about how to pay back your student loans. The consequences of defaulting are also presented to you in a clear manner. You will be able to find links to a variety of different college financing programs which have the approval of your state and the federal government.

As application procedures for these college financing programs can be some what confusing you will find many helpful links which will provide you with all of the information you require about applying. These sections will provide you with the type of documents you may have to furnish to have your student loan approved.

Since the process of going to university and college is very expensive it is always a good idea to check out the various student aid programs that you can find. The information and advice you receive from these college financing programs will help make your choice of colleges easier to think about.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Ffederal Student Financial Aid Programs

While most parents start saving from the beginning for their children’s college education there are still times when extra help is required. This help can come in different forms, and you will find many college scholarships which will be of great help. There are also times when looking at federal student financial aid is more helpful.

You should start exploring these many avenues when your child first enters high school without waiting until they are almost ready to enter the university. This will only put a strain on you financially until you can apply for and get federal student financial aid, and this might not a financial burden that you’re equipped to carry at that particular time.

This in turn will limit the scope of your where your child can look into, to go to university, which is a greater incentive to check out everything that you can about the federal student financial aid now before it is too late and the changing times catch up with you in the form of astronomical college fees.

Many times you can get the required information from the financial aid office in various universities. Your local library is yet another place where you can find information about federal student financial aid. Since there are different versions of this financial help you should choose at least about several different programs to be on the safe side.

Some of these programs are more popular than others for a variety of reasons, and if this is the case you might find that your chances for getting these particular federal student financial aid programs are very low indeed. But if you don’t apply to them you will never know if you could have gotten through or not so it’s always a good idea to put in your application for as many of these as you need.

Of these programs the federal student financial aid that you can get from the Stafford Student Loans programs is one of the most popular ones, and therefore something which you might want to aspire to, but not hold out any hopes for. There is no reason for despair though. There are more than enough federal student financial aid programs for you to apply to and not all of them are besieged by thousands of students applying for it.

You will find that if you do your homework right, then you can find a federal student financial aid program that is right for you, and that isn’t as highly popular as the Stafford Student Loans programs is. You should still apply for the Stafford Student Loans program, but to make sure that you have a fighting chance, you should also apply to other federal student financial aid programs as well.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

7 Steps to a Fresh Start After Bankruptcy

When you have more debts than you have assets, bankruptcy is one option to consider in order to give yourself a “fresh start.”

There are actually many types of bankruptcy provided under the law but the most common is Chapter 7, otherwise known as liquidation.

When filing under Chapter 7, all your assets, excluding those that are exempt under the law of your state, are dissolved and liquidated. Usually, the person tasked to do this is the court-appointed official, called a trustee.

The trustee has many responsibilities, including the following:

• Prepare the documents needed for declaration of bankruptcy

• Review the file and check if there are any fraudulent preferences or reviewable transactions made

• Any available assets should be sold by them

• Chair meetings with creditors

• Serve as counsels for the debtors (Hence, you need not hire a bankruptcy lawyer when filing under Chapter 7)

• Recommend whether the person applying for bankruptcy should be discharged or not

All in all, the most important task of the trustee is selling your properties and using the proceeds to pay your creditors. After doing such, the court will then cancel many of your remaining debts, thus affording you a “fresh start” to life.

Here is a step-by-step guide to filing a bankruptcy under Chapter 7:

Step #1: Decide whether you should file for bankruptcy or not.

Filing for bankruptcy is a personal decision, influenced by many factors, such as the amount of serious debts and your ability to meet the original payments or pay the full amount.

For starters, when you are broke, it is never a nice experience getting harassed by creditors for debts incurred. For another, your decision to file should not be made for the sole purpose of putting a stop to your demanding creditors. This is an important point since secured creditors may apply for “relief from stay,” thus allowing them to continue their efforts to repossess or foreclose even though you already filed for bankruptcy.

And finally, there are certain debts that you will not be able to get rid of even after filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7. These debts that cannot be discharge include the following:

• Taxes and tax liens

• Student loans

• Domestic support obligations (including child support and alimony)

• Luxury goods over $500 purchased within 90 days of filing

• Fines or penalties of government agencies

• Cash advances of more than $750 taken within 70 days of filing

• Fraudulent debts

• Willful or malicious injury to another

• Death or personal injury from the operation of a motor vehicle, aircraft or vessel while intoxicated – i.e., injury due to drunk-driving or driving under the influence

• Condominium or cooperative association fees

• Debts not listed on your schedules (That is why it is important to disclose all dischargeable debts upon filing).