Friday, November 16, 2007

eBay and eBay Auctions

Let us say you have an item you don’t want anymore. For whatever reason it may be, you don’t want it, but see that it would be too much of a waste to just throw it away. Then you hear of eBay and eBay auctions.

eBay and eBay Auctions have somewhat become terms which the internet world has become quite fond of with today. As popular as other online entities like Youtube, eBay and eBay auctions are basically online transactions which internet users take to their advantage as a buying and selling point in the online jungle. eBay and eBay auctions are so popular that it has been featured in many movies and TV shows, even having a “Stuff We Found on eBay” segment in the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, which features the many crazy items featured in eBay auctions.

On eBay and eBay Auctions

eBay Auctions stand to be the prime service catered by eBay, which is powered, operated and managed by eBay Incorporated, an American Internet Based company. The prime function of eBay, aside from eBay auctions, would also include online shopping services, where businesses, product makers and private persons could sell and buy goods on an international aspect.

As auctions, eBay auctions operate no different from the more “solid based” of auctions. There is an opening bid, which eBay auction interested parties would put in their bids. Bid winners would then have the opportunity of acquiring whatever product in on an eBay auction catalogue. This is all done on an online cipher, where everything happens in the convenience of one’s internet connected home.

Founded on September 3, 1995 in San Jose, California, eBay was sired through the efforts of computer programmer Pierre Omidyar, who started eBay as AuctionWeb. True to the more eccentric of items sold in eBay Auctions, the very first item sold in an eBay auction was that of a broken laser pointer. The winning bidder who bought the eBay auction item was a collector of broken laser pointers, and got the eBay auction item for $14.83.

Today, practical and rather useless junk could be found in eBay auctions. From functional slightly used consumer electronic items like personal digital assistants or cellular phones, to the more, rather, useless items like the box of a Playstation 3, or tattered old clothing worn by the cousin of John Lennon and such, could be encountered in eBay auctions.

If you want to sell something off, putting it on an eBay auction wouldn’t be such a bad idea.