Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Day Trade Forex System

Consumer: Day Traders

The purpose of The Day Trade Forex System is to inform and instruct readers as to the most effective ways of trading forex.

Pros: The Day Trade Forex System will show you how to start and operate a forex trading business even if you have no prior experience or special skills. The Day Trade Forex System will also show you how to stop your losses and manage your risk. You will be able to trade currencies on a part-time or a full-time basis once you learn The Day Trade Forex System.

You will learn how and when to trade -- the exact right time to get in and get out that will produce maximum profits for you. The Day Trade Forex System will teach you how to spot trading opportunities by looking at chart patterns on your screen. The charting package is free, and the trading platform will allow you to practice trading with "virtual" money until you are completely ready to trade on a "real" account.

Cons: There really aren’t any cons discernible in The Day Trade Forex System training course. It is an excellent product and one that day traders will be very interested in.

Guarantee: There is a 60-day guarantee of satisfaction. If within 60 days of purchase the customer is dissatisfied his money will be refunded without a hassle.

Value for money: The Day Trade Forex System is actually a very good value. There is a lot of very useful and practical information offered.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Student Loans from Loan Web.com

Consumer: College students or private school students and their parents, grandparents or guardians.

The purpose of a student loan is to pay the school for an education as required.

Pros: Higher education, even at State colleges now days, costs the proverbial arm and leg. It is rare that a student or a family can pay the tuition, buy the books, and pay for room and board without the need of a loan even if the student has scholarships that will help defray some of the costs. Even full scholarships do not cover all of the costs of a college education.

Sometimes families save from the time a child is born to be able to afford his college education but the cost of a college education keeps going up and up...it far exceeds just the usual rate of inflation for everything else so the savings rarely cover the cost.

At Loan Web student loans can be applied for as well as be consolidated into one loan and one lower monthly payment.

Cons: There are no particular cons associated with a student loaned obtained through Loan Web, but be sure to compare interest rates from several lenders.

Guarantee: There is no guarantee that a student will in fact obtain a loan after he or she makes application through Loan Web.

Value for money: A 6% interest rate on a student loan is a good value and since there is no penalty for early payment, if a student or parent finds a cheaper loan rate, they can take it.