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Until recently leasing companies wouldn't even think about financing
transactions that included so-called "soft costs" such as custom software.
Financing for hard collateral equipment were the only programs available.
Now however, leasing companies are beginning to change with the times. Many
lease/finance companies have added software financing to their traditional
line of equipment leasing, allowing businesses to buy expensive, even
custom-designed software, immediately, and pay for it over time.

With the evolution of the Internet a handful of firms have begun a similar
financing program for Web site design and development. These new programs
allow a company to establish a competitive web presence without spending its
cash reserves. This new finance option allows a company to upgrade its
current Web site or to develop from the outset an appealing and effective
site designed to implement the company's e-business plan the way it was
originally envisioned.

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For most businesses, the standard, brochure-type Web site is not too
expensive. More and more businesses however are requiring higher-end
solutions to achieve their business goals, and for businesses to really
compete in today's e-world, they need to have a site with all the bells and
whistles. Such as, Web-based Publishing forms, Custom programming of Java
applets, Password-protected directories,
Database software, Chat software, Dynamic page generation and
Digitization and integration of sound/video.

Building such sites is expensive. Up to now companies have had to pay cash
for their site. This has forced many companies to put up a less effective
site than they wanted, or to delay putting it up at all until they had the
cash to pay for it. Each of these "solutions" costs the company in lost
revenues as well as market share lost to competitors who have quality web

Small companies have limited options for getting on the Web. Traditional
loans are next to impossible to obtain. Banks won't finance software, much
less a Web site. To banks, a Web site is an intangible asset.

The few lease companies that have taken on the concept of Web site financing
are by and large gearing their programs toward Web developers, who can offer
this service to potential clients. By offering a finance option to a
prospect, Web developers are overcoming cost objections, and are thus
closing more business. The key here is that with the newly emerging
financing options a company can have its web site now and let the web site
generate income to pay for itself over time.

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