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Home Loans and Home Finance Products - Bank of America

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Home Loans and Home Finance Products - Bank of America

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Home buyers can now choose from a range of home loan plans, either with a fixed rate or an adjustable rate through Bank of America, which is one of America s most respected financial institutions, and offers a range of financial products for home buyers and home owners.

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A fixed rate plan is more suitable for home buyers who plan to stay in the home over the long term, and who want the security of a stable repayment plan over the life of the loan. If interest rates rise, customers with this type of loan come out on top. More information on strategies for real estate financing can be found at the website

An adjustable rate mortgage offers less stability, as monthly repayments can increase if interest rates rise, but Bank of America offers customers a maximum rate cap as protection against unlimited interest rate rises. Repayments for the first year are generally lower than for a fixed rate loan, which can allow borrowers to afford a higher price property.

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Home equity loans and lines of credit give home owners who have built up some equity in their property the opportunity to use it for something worthwhile, like an education for their children, home improvements, or a new car or boat.

Bank of America has a very fast, convenient and secure online application system. Customers can simply log on, and provide the appropriate information on employment status, income and credit rating on the online form. It s also possible to track the status of the application as it progresses. In some cases, applicants can get a decision in a matter of minutes. Bank of America customers can also make repayments and access information on the status of their loan very conveniently online.

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