Saturday, May 12, 2007

The "Credit Secrets Bible" by Credit

The purpose of the Credit Secrets Bible is to inform and instruct readers how to raise their credit scores and repair their credit.

Pros: Those who will be most interested in the Credit Secrets Bible will be those who have or have had credit problems or difficulty in obtaining credit but actually the Credit Secrets Bible is a good read even for those who have very good credit scores and have no problem in obtaining credit when they need it.

The Credit Secrets Bible instructs readers how to get a credit card if they want one, how to get a mortgage if they want one and how to obtain credit for starting a new business if that is their desire. The book tells secrets about finance that many multi-millionaires are unaware of.

The author of the Credit Secrets Bible, Terry Price, says that by working with the Credit Secrets Bible for only an hour and a half you can raise your credit score by as much as 249 points and do it in less than eight week’s time.

Cons: There is a very annoying pop up on the site that is hard to get rid of.The product is good, however.

Guarantee: There is a 60 day guarantee of satisfaction. If a customer is not satisfied, he can get a 100% refund by simply asking.

Value for money: The Credit Secrets Bible is a very good value.

Price: Regular Price $97.75 on sale for $67.75

Consumer: Consumers who use credit cards or credit institutions.

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Sean said...

The pop-up may be annoying but if you subscribe to the newsletter you'll get a lot of good and free information.