Thursday, June 07, 2007

"All the Wealth You Want" from

Consumer: Those who would like to retire wealthy.

The purpose of the All the Wealth You Want is to inform and instruct readers not only how to get out of debt but how to become wealthy as well.

Pros: According to Jim Donovan, the author of All the Wealth You Want, about 95% of people are dead broke when they retire and have to rely on friends and family to supplement the pitiful little Social Security benefits that they are supposed to be able to live on. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Mr. Donovan says, “I have no intention of being in that majority, scrimping and scratching, after working all my life. No way! I've spent years learning about money, most of it the hard way. I've learned how people make it, lose it and how and why some people have been able to build incredible fortunes. It all comes down to understanding a number of ideas and techniques.” Mr. Donovan shares these ideas and techniques in his All the Wealth You Want ebook.

Cons: There are not any discernible cons for the All the Wealth You Want program. It really does contain excellent information that many will find to be very useful. (There is possibly the world’s longest sales letter on the site.)

Guarantee: There is a 365-day money back guarantee of satisfaction.

Value for money: The All the Wealth You Want program is a very good value, and with the 12 added bonuses it becomes an excellent value.

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