Friday, June 22, 2007

Auto or Motorcycle Loan from Lending

Auto or Motorcycle Loan from Lending - Consumer: Car buyers or motorcycle buyers.

The purpose of an auto loan through Lending Tree is to find the lowest possible rate available for the person applying for the loan and the state in which they live.

Pros: Most of us need wheels. We need transportation in order to get to our jobs, run our errands and to use for pleasure. The problem is that lending institutions know that we have to have a car or a motorcycle so they really stick it to us on the lending rates for car or motorcycle purchases.

Lending Tree can help. When you fill out an application for an automobile or motorcycle loan on the Lending Tree Website, Lending Tree will provide you with four quotes for your loan. You can choose the offer with the lowest rate.

Cons: There are no particular cons associated with applying for an auto loan through Lending Tree. Actually a borrower can get the lowest possible rate in most cases.

Guarantee: Lending Tree does not, of course, offer a guarantee as such. What they do offer is a guarantee that they can find the lowest possible rate or they will pay you $500. This is a limited time guarantee but it does cover all kinds of loans that are made by Lending Tree.

Value for money: There is no way to access the value of this product. If Lending Tree can help to secure a lower rate than would otherwise have been obtained by a borrower, then the loan will be of good value.


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Evan said...

Can you tell me what is the markup rate on this loan!
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