Monday, June 04, 2007

Never Work Again TeleClass from Peak Potential Training

Today I got this email:

Tonight's the night! The one-time-only Never Work Again TeleClass is happening at 7 pm Eastern--do not miss this class!

There were 1500 lines reserved and they filled up yesterday morning. We were able to reserve 500 more lines today and they will fill up very fast.

Register here for the Never Work Again TeleClass!

This 1 hour TeleClass will teach you where to begin:

Building multiple streams of passive income.
Creating abundance and freedom in your life.
Moving from "active" to "passive" income sources.
Tonight's TeleClass is going to pull from the most valuable pieces of information which were uncovered at last month's 4-day Never Work Again course--held in Los Angeles, CA.

Never Work Again was one Peak Potentials most successful courses ever; here is what a few of the students had to say:

"AWESOME! So many useful things were taught which can be implemented right away, without buying any additional materials. A must for everyone who desires financial freedom and wealth."
-- Anna Bronstein, Entrepreneur/Web Developer

"NWA opened me up to a whole new world. The concepts and vehicles that were taught made the theory of financial freedom a tangible reality. Thank you Harv for over delivering once again."
--Terry Banks

"I always knew that what we all need to know about creating wealth was never taught in school. Thank you for opening so many doors of possibility for me."
--Marisa Ferrera, Educator

Everyone who attended Never Work Again is now on the fast track to financial freedom and Peak Potentials is grateful for the opportunity to offer this TeleClass to those of you who were unable to be there.

Best of all, as a valued member of the Peak Potentials Family, there is no charge for the TeleClass.

The Never Work Again TeleClass will be one hour starting at 7 pm Eastern time tonight, register by clicking the link below and block this hour off in your calendar... do not let anything get in your way and make sure you are on this call.

We look forward to meeting you on the call,

The Peak Potentials Team

This will sure be interesting!

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